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December 2008

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November 2008

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What are the best online casino games?

Among the most profitable online gambling games, there are three main ones:

1). Slots, as mentioned above, do not require special skills or knowledge for them. But nevertheless, for the same half hour of playing them, you can get the same $ 50, which is very good. We can say that they are mainly aimed at beginners, and therefore offer the player a lot of attractive opportunities. You can start playing them, even with very little money, up to a few cents, which is especially important for beginners. The question: how much you can earn on them is also curious. For one evening, making minimum bets, you can reach an income of about $ 20-50. Tempting, isn't it?

2). Online roulette. This game is also popular among players, perhaps for its mysticism, originality. Few people know that if you add up all the numbers of the wheel, you will end up with the figure 666. But this is not the main thing either. Roulette is also known for its payouts. In principle, it is quite possible for a beginner player to earn even $ 40 in a short period of time, since the rules are simple and clear. Especially if you know the current strategies, then the chances of winning will at least double.

3). Black Jack. This game is more for those who like to spend time playing cards. This game is a little more difficult than the previous ones described, but nevertheless, here you can win. True, this will require knowledge of the rules and a little experience. And for beginners, for a better acquaintance with blackjack, it is worth trying to play on an emulator.

What is the most popular online casino for real money? It is hard to say. In addition to the rating, players want to see in the casino modern novelties of slot machines, games with a live dealer, card games like poker and baccarat. The more choice the better. There are also those who are not very interested in slots, but they love to bet on football and other sports immensely. All of this can also be found using ranking sites. Having decided on an online casino and having completed a simple registration, carefully read the rules of the site. After that, you can safely try your luck!

But if you don't want to spend a lot of time choosing a bazeno, you can go to, quickly read reviews and get an expert rating. For example, our latest article on Yukon Gold casino in Canada describes all the pros and cons and give a game recommendation.

Loop hero

“The idea of ​​the game appeared as a reflection on the topic of Zero Player Game [the so-called games where the characters are controlled by AI, and the player's intervention in the process is either minimal or absent at all - author's note], but our vision quickly outgrew the boundaries of this genre, the concept of the game came to life and quickly became overgrown with elements from a variety of mechanics. The resulting cocktail is extremely difficult even for us to attribute to any one or even several genres. Perhaps it's easier to say that Loop Hero is an author's game, which has no analogues now."

Literally every mechanic in Loop Hero has a meaning. Literally every mechanic complements the other. Together, they make Four Quarters incredibly replayable and extremely addicting. And it's important to note that the entire game is almost perfectly balanced. Almost - because from time to time you still need to go on a journey along the trail only in order to dig up resources, but not in order to fight the boss or advance the plot a little further. It is difficult to call this a grind, because such situations rarely occur, and nevertheless they are.

However, the work with the balance is still amazing. And this despite the fact that four people worked on it, although several more developers from the side helped with the game of Four Quarters.

The only problem with Loop Hero, in my opinion, is the platform on which the game is currently available. On a PC, playing a roguelike game involving ten-minute sessions, for example, is very difficult for me. It would be much more convenient to do this on Switch or a mobile platform. At some point, the game, however, may appear there - at least the developers are seriously thinking about the version for the Nintendo portable.